Cleantech for

Our patent protected technology is based on a transformative approach. Our devices are turnkey, self-contained cleantech solutions that use proprietary electromagnetic signals which influence waterbodies. The electromagnetic signals are designed and tailored toward the application being treated.

The Device

Our device uses proprietary electromagnetic signals to initiate changes to select properties of water at great scale. It has no mechanical moving parts and does not use any chemicals.


Patent Protected

Solar Powered

Turnkey and Self Contained

Wireless Communications Interface

Lightweight and Portable

A single unit Impacts up-to 20 Hectares (50 Acres) of Water Surface

Communication Methods

EMF units can be controlled on-site using the EMFConnect application on an Android device with Bluetooth. Additionally, the unit can be monitored remotely via a cellular network up-link where available.

Easy Installation and Operation

Installation and operation can be completed by anyone with basic mechanical and digital training. There is no need for any special infrastructure. The unit can be tethered or simply anchored to the bottom sediment with a weight.

Easy Maintenance Procedure

Maintenance is easy and requires minimal cleaning procedures and schedules. This means a simple 1-2-3 process of:

Inspecting the whole unit for any physical damage

Checking solar panels for dust/debris and wiping clean with a damp cloth

Checking the transducer arm for debris and wiping clean with a soft brush

Automatic Diagnostic Reporting and Upgrades

Scheduled automatic diagnostic reporting relays key health information about the units. All units are continually updated with new software and firmware to improve optimal performance and keep the end-user worry free.